“Everybody needs a ventilator” – The Rolling Stones

You May Have Doubts About Therapy

If you’ve never worked with a therapist, you may be frightened to try it. There is a lot of stigma, especially for men, around the whole area. Honestly, it’s ridiculous. Got a legal issue? See your lawyer. Physical health problem? See your physician. Business challenge? Talk to a consultant. Thinking and feeling issue? Ummmm…. ignore it, hide it, and maybe die from it. Why? It’s even worse in some cultures. For example, Asian Americans are three times less likely to seek professional help than European Americans. And, the longer we wait, the worse problems become, and the harder they are to treat.

Suffering robs us of happiness, time, and money. I see psychotherapy in much the same way as automobile maintenance: pay a little now, or pay a whole lot later.

What to expect during our initial session

If we decide to work together, our first step is to just get to know each other. The therapist-client relationship is a very unique, enjoyable, useful bond. You don’t have to worry about impressing me. Our work together is confidential. I’ll be open and honest with you. That’s why this works so well – it is a relationship that exists only for your benefit, with no other ramifications.

Next, we’ll identify the conflicts and problems that are making your life unpleasant. We’ll name them and hold them up to the light. We’ll decide what to do with them. Some problems are fixable. Some aren’t, and we have to figure out how to live with them. That’s part of adulthood, isn’t it?

How I Work With You

We will meet, in-person or via secure internet, as often as we both feel is useful. If you need a break, we’ll take one. My goal is to help you meet your goals. Many of my clients get what they need in 4 or 5 sessions, spread out across a few months. Others want to work together every week, for as long as it takes, to optimize their lives. In my experience, we really benefit from a long-term relationship with a therapist who knows us well. We can take breaks, and reconnect when new challenges come up. It’s a lot like having a trusted primary care physician. I see him more when I’m sick or injured, and less when I’m healthy. Either way, we know each other and share the same goal: my good health.