Dr. Kurt Moore in blue shirtAbout Me

A friend of mine nicknamed me “Dr. Hell and Back”, because I’ve been there, and found my way back, way too often. He said I’d be a good tour guide…maybe I can help you stop suffering so much and find your way back to the surface.

I’m educated, trained, and experienced. I’m enjoying a nice recovery from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and substance abuse. I’ve been married, divorced, and widowed. I raised two terrific children, despite many obstacles. They remain joyous lights in my life. Although I’ve gained some wisdom from my painful journeys, I much prefer the contentment, peace, and love I enjoy today. I’m confident you can make it back, too.

My Education and Experience

I’ve been a licensed professional counselor in Colorado since 2002 and a PhD since 2005. I’ve also spent over a decade working as a research and evaluation consultant in the areas of mental health and child maltreatment. I know a few things about how humans get wounded, and how we get well.

  • We need to be securely attached to our parents and our partners. When these attachments are weakened or broken, we suffer. Our relationships can be healed.
  • We are resilient creatures, but some traumas can injure our minds. Trauma can lead to misery and bad behavior. With assistance, we can reduce the impacts of trauma.
  • Alcohol and drugs make us feel better, and can also destroy our lives. We can recover and live well.
  • Psychiatric medications save lives, and allow millions of people symptom relief. We do even better if we also pursue psychotherapy. Both approaches help our brains to work more effectively.
  • Our modern American culture puts ridiculous demands and expectations on men and women. It is very difficult to meet these demands, succeed financially, and lead meaningful lives. We benefit from working with a skilled therapist to navigate these confusing rapids.