Are You Struggling To Maintain And Enjoy Recovery? 

  • teal jungle bridgeDo you feel overwhelmed by the demands of sober life?
  • Are your family relationships different, confusing, and even painful?
  • Is your self-confidence shaken or lacking entirely?
  • Perhaps you need help navigating other issues that came as a result of your past addiction, such as losing your job or the respect of your friends, family, or partner.
  • Has your physical health or emotional wellbeing been impacted by substances, leaving you feeling persistently sad or on edge?
  • Do you need someone besides your sponsor and family to support you?

Recovering from alcohol or drug addiction can be an isolating, confusing, and troubling experience. Although you have been through addiction treatment, you may still have trouble controlling cravings, coping with stress, or feeling whole when sober. Substances used to temporarily help you cope with stress and other problems, and as you move forward, you may still feel disconnected, anxious, or depressed. It may be that your mind feels chaotic, and alcohol or drugs used to be the only thing that soothed you. Regardless of the problems drugs and/or alcohol created in your life, you may continue to struggle to find peace.

Recovery is Challenging

sunset at the beachIf you are having difficulty managing your relationship with drugs or alcohol, you are not alone. According to The National Institute on Drug Abuse, between 40 and 60 percent of recovering drug addicts will eventually relapse, which suggests that most addicts struggle immensely during recovery.

I often describe early recovery like a lobster without its shell. When you lose your protective (and destructive) armor, you are naked and vulnerable. Work, relationships, and other responsibilities may be hard to navigate, especially if many of the people in your life have lost trust in you. In recovery, people have to get to know an entirely new you, and neither you nor they may know how to act under these new circumstances. Just remember that you are going through a significant change that takes immense will, patience, and hard work. I can’t change that. I can, however, help you to smooth out the bumps and make better decisions.

It takes months and years to change your addicted brain into a healthy one. And, every day matters. The more progress you make today, the more you increase your odds of successfully navigating tomorrow. Life is way too short to waste any more of it being a slave to alcohol, drugs, or destructive behaviors. With the help of an experienced substance abuse counselor, you can better understand addiction and acquire the tools needed to maintain recovery.

Recovery Counseling Can Help You Heal And Feel Whole

Through substance abuse counseling, you can heal the pain of addiction and work toward living a more empowered, healthy, and balanced life. The recovery process can be challenging, but it also can come with many rewards. With the right support and guidance and your willingness to engage in the counseling process, you can better understand your addiction, heal relationships, and develop a healthy relationship with yourself. As an experienced trauma and addiction therapist, I can help you successfully process issues from the past while I support your journey toward healing and relief.

waterfallWhile group meetings can aid in your recovery, they often don’t address every area of your life. In confidential, safe recovery counseling sessions, we can thoroughly explore your thoughts and feelings and develop specific ways to replace unhealthy behaviors with long-lasting solutions.

Drugs and/or alcohol are often used as coping mechanisms to numb distress. Over time, the “solution” to your problems fueled even more problems. When your coping strategy is removed, the underlying suffering still remains and may even be more prevalent than ever. Here, we can explore and work to heal the past and current issues that have caused and sustained your addiction.

The road back from hell is often bumpy and perilous, but I am a skilled trail guide. As an experienced therapist who has been through recovery myself, I know that recovery is possible. Substance abuse therapy can help you resolve underlying pain so you can move forward and become the balanced, happy, and confident person you wish to be.

You may have additional questions or concerns about addiction therapy…

Can I work with you instead of going to rehab or meetings? 

I don’t recommend it. Addicts and alcoholics who are actively using need more help than they can get from a weekly hour or two with a therapist. If quitting and recovery were that easy, you would have already have done it by now.

I’m of most use to people who have already been through intensive substance abuse treatment. Regardless of where you’re at in the recovery process, I’m happy to help you make more sensible decisions, better understand your triggers, and heal your relationship issues.

Will you be my sponsor?

No, that is a very different and sacred relationship. I can’t replace it, and I refuse to interfere. I suggest letting that person guide you through the 12 steps and utilizing my insight and resources to help address other challenges in your life.

Aren’t 12-Step meetings and a sponsor enough?

For some people, yes, and I would never suggest giving up those lifelines. However, the relapse rate, even for folks that go through these programs, is sadly high. While relapsing is often thought of as a normal part of recovery, the stakes, like losing your marriage, job, or life as you know it, may be too high to risk. Additional support from a seasoned therapist with decades of recovery counseling experience could make all the difference.

Get The Support You Deserve

If you have additional questions about drug or alcohol counseling, I invite you to contact me or call (303) 449-4162 to arrange a free 15-minute consultation. My office is located in Greenwood Village, CO. I’m happy to speak with you about how recovery counseling can help you enjoy a better life.

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